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KrisFlyer is the points system that Singapore Airlines uses to reward their passengers. They give out points on every flight, along with some great opportunities to earn points through partnered credit cards and hotels.
You can buy KrisFlyer miles to put towards many unique rewards, like premium flights and seat upgrades. It’s always easy to make the best use of the points you already have when you can count on us to let you buy Singapore Airlines miles to top up your account.
We always deliver the very best prices, and that’s why we have a price match guarantee when our customers purchase KrisFlyer miles. So get the very best from Singapore Airlines and their Star Alliance partners when you buy KrisFlyer points for your tickets today.  

When’s the Right Time to Buy KrisFlyer Miles?

You build up miles with every flight you buy, but sometimes the right move is to buy KrisFlyer miles. For example, if you want a flight today but don’t have the entire balance, you should buy Singapore Airlines miles to get your bonuses sooner.
This goes for class upgrades too. Going on a flight and want to ride in style? Purchase KrisFlyer miles to upgrade your seat right away. There’s no reason to put off these great rewards when you can buy KrisFlyer at the best price from us today.

Purchase KrisFlyer Points to Avoid Expiration Periods

Your Singapore Airlines miles expire 36 months after you earn them. If you don’t have enough to get the flight you want today, you might have to buy KrisFlyer miles, so they don’t all expire. You risk losing everything you’ve earned if you don’t buy Singapore Airlines miles in time to use what you already have.
There is an optional fee to extend the expiration of your miles for up to a year, but why pay for nothing? The points you’ve already earned from flights, credit cards, and more shouldn’t go to waste. Instead, purchase KrisFlyer miles to bring your balance up to what you need to get the rewards you’ve earned.

Spending and Earning KrisFlyer Miles With Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines has plenty of different options for how you can earn miles and how you can spend them when you buy KrisFlyer miles. There are both international and domestic flights, class upgrades, travel expenses, and many great bonuses from some of their partners.
Some Singapore Airlines flights and classes are specifically booked off for rewards members. This means you’ll have to buy Singapore Airlines miles if you want to find the best first-class seats on international flights. After you purchase your KrisFlyer miles, there are two ways to redeem with Singapore Airlines.
Saver rewards offer the chance to buy discount tickets with your miles. If you buy KrisFlyer points, you can put them towards standard tickets that come at a low cost. This is great for when you need to travel regularly, and you can save some cash when you buy KrisFlyer miles.
For the premium traveler, the Advantage rewards offer first-class and business-class tickets. One of the best ways to save is to buy Singapore Airlines miles for these Advantage rewards to bag premium tickets at a major discount. You’ll save twice when you get your miles at our great prices.
You aren’t relegated solely to Singapore Airlines. You can get access to partner flights when you buy Singapore Airlines miles. This includes being able to purchase KrisFlyer miles for tickets on Star Alliance flights, featuring major airlines like:
  • Air Canada
  • Air New Zealand
  • United Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines
  • EgyptAir
  • Brussels Airlines
  • And other great choices
Outside of the Star Alliance, Singapore Airlines has individual partnerships that let you buy KrisFlyer points for flights with Alaska Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and some of the other top airlines worldwide with the most renowned premium travel experiences.
There are also a lot of ways to earn miles. KrisFlyer Spree gives you miles on purchases with many partnered retailers like Apple and Aldo. They also partner with several hotel chains and major credit cards. You can build up your miles and buy KrisFlyer miles to make up the difference if you don’t have the balance you need.

Questions We Often Hear About How to Buy KrisFlyer Miles

We always help our customers through the process of how to buy Singapore Airlines miles, so we get plenty of questions. Some of them come up more than others, so hopefully, these answers will help you understand why to buy Singapore Airlines miles. If not, you can contact us for further help.

How Do I Stop My Points From Expiring?

Your points expire 36 months after you earn them, and that’s not long for people who don’t fly often. If you don’t have enough points built up when they’re going to expire, buy KrisFlyer miles to get enough for your next flight or other rewards.

Can I Share the Rewards I Earn?

You can buy KrisFlyer points to purchase tickets for up to five separate people as per the terms of Singapore Airlines. You can nominate anyone you like for this program, family, friends, or otherwise. They’re locked in for six months, so be sure you know who you want to buy KrisFlyer points for.

When Is It the Best Time to Buy KrisFlyer Miles?

Of course, you might have to buy KrisFlyer miles to avoid expiration or top up your account for the rewards you want. Sometimes you can buy KrisFlyer points for an entire ticket to save money. Premium flights often come at a considerable discount when you buy KrisFlyer miles to acquire them.

Am I Locked-In to Using Singapore Airlines?

No, there are dozens of affiliated and partnered airlines that you can buy Singapore Airlines miles to get tickets for. There’s the Star Alliance, an extensive network of airlines that you can purchase KrisFlyer miles towards. There are also several independent partnerships that you can buy KrisFlyer points to get premium seats and upgrades on.

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