The Full Story On What You Get When You Buy Asia Miles

Cathay Pacific and HK Express come together to bring their customers Asia miles, a comprehensive rewards program. Their passengers earn points on flights they buy, stays, and more. They can then redeem them on travel and other bonuses from Cathay Pacific and its partners.
When you buy Cathay Pacific points, you unlock some of the most prestigious getaway packages in Asia. There are so many exclusive deals to buy, on top of the premium flights and upgrades you can get if you purchase Cathay Pacific miles.
We buy and sell points to give our customers the highest value possible. So when you buy Asia miles from us, you’re getting the best deal out there. In addition to fantastic savings, our team provides friendly and knowledgeable service if you have any questions at all.

How You Benefit When You Buy Asia Miles

Like with any other rewards system, it takes time to build up the balance you need. But if you want to travel now, that isn’t very convenient. If you have only part of the balance you need, purchase Asia miles to make up the rest.
We give our customers the opportunity to buy Cathay Pacific points at the best value found anywhere online. We guarantee this with our price matching policy. This leads to you getting more for your money when you purchase Asia miles with us.
When you factor in the discounts that you get when buying tickets, the choice to buy Asia miles can be the best you ever make. You can save on flights, upgrades, hotels, restaurants, consumer products, and more when you purchase Cathay Pacific miles from us.

Purchase Asia Miles to Get Any of These Great Rewards

Cathay Pacific offers both flights and upgrades, in addition to rewards you can buy from their many partners. No matter what you’re looking for, from flights to entertainment, you can buy Asia miles to make it happen.
You can buy Asia miles for the core airlines Cathay Pacific and HK Express or buy flights with their partners. Points are directly redeemable for tickets with any of these fine airlines:
  • Alaska Airlines
  • British Airways
  • American Airlines
  • Finnair
  • Japan Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Swiss International
  • Air Lines
  • And more
If you need to book a flight with any of these airlines, your most affordable option could be to purchase Asia miles and enjoy the discounts when you buy premium tickets.
When you buy Cathay Pacific points, you can put them towards other perks as well. Cathay Pacific offers upgrades, additional luggage, and other flight add-ons as rewards. You’ll have your best flight experience ever when you purchase Asia miles for these bonuses.
Cathay Pacific partnerships enable them to offer both hotel stays and vacation packages for customers that buy Asia miles. You can get a fantastic price on premium getaways in Taiwan, China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Singapore when you purchase Asia miles for these exclusive packages.
During your vacation, you can take part in a number of exciting events and even concerts. Buy Cathay Pacific points to get offers from their partners for some of the most unique venues around the world, along with eating at some of the finest restaurants.
You can even redeem points to buy great products from Apple, Samsung, and more. If you purchase Cathay Pacific miles, you’ll be able to access exclusive deals from these retailers and many other companies that have partnered with Cathay Pacific.
They also make it easy to transfer to the rewards systems of their affiliates. When you buy Asia miles, it only takes one click to transfer them to the most convenient form for your needs. They partner with Esso, MoneyBack, and Plus! to give you a wide variety of options.

Purchase Cathay Pacific Miles To Get Around the Expiration Date

Cathay Pacific updated their Asia Miles expiration policy as of January 2020. Before this, your rewards would expire after 36 months passed since you bought your ticket. The only way to keep your miles would be to buy Asia miles to have enough in your account to buy the rewards you want.
Now, miles expire for your whole account after 18 months of inactivity. This means you can either redeem or earn points to refresh the timer. If you don’t want to buy an additional flight to avoid expiration, you can purchase Asia miles to get the rewards you want before they expire.
We make it easy to buy Cathay Pacific points to avoid the expiration timer. Whenever you need more, we can give you the best price to purchase Asia miles and redeem them to buy any rewards you’d like.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cathay Pacific Miles

It isn’t always clear when the right time to buy Asia miles is or how to do it. We answer all customer questions, and these are some we see a lot. Hopefully, our answers are helpful, but if you still have more questions, feel free to contact us.

How Do I Get the Most When I Buy Asia Miles?

It all depends on when you’re buying and why. The best time to buy is when you need to meet the cost of a ticket or reward that’s just out of reach. Instead of waiting for miles to accumulate, you can buy Cathay Pacific points right now to get the bonuses you want sooner.

How Can I Earn Asia Miles?

Of course, you can earn them when you buy flights with Cathay Pacific and partner airlines. You can also earn Asia miles with hotels like Best Western and Hilton, along with rental car companies like Budget and Avis. If you aren’t earning fast enough, you can always buy Cathay Pacific points at any time.

Should I Be Worried About Expiring Miles?

Yes, they can and will expire. The new system has expiration after 18 months of no account activity at all. However, there are still points from the old system that expire 36 months after you buy the ticket regardless of activity. You can purchase Asia miles to get more expensive rewards before you lose your points.

Can I Get Premium Flights As a Reward?

Yes, this is often the most efficient way to book first-class and business-class flights. They’re heavily discounted for rewards programs, so you can get a great deal. You can also upgrade regular tickets as well to travel with the highest degree of comfort.

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