How To Buy Aeroplan Miles By Air Canada?

Aeroplan is the rewards system for Air Canada. They have plenty of partnerships to let customers make the most of their rewards, and it’s easy to either earn or buy Aeroplan miles to work towards the flights and other bonuses you want most.
This is one of the most versatile rewards programs out there. There are so many ways to earn with affiliated credit cards and many partnerships. There are also so many great options for redeeming rewards, like travel and online shopping at many of their partnered retailers.
You can count on us to get the best value when you need to buy Aeroplan points. Our competitive price match guarantee ensures that you’ll buy Air Canada miles at the lowest price available, and our friendly representatives are here to help you through the process.  

What You Can Get When You Buy Air Canada Miles

There are so many different rewards that you can redeem when you buy Air Canada miles. It’s easy to put your points towards the purchase of flights, vacation packages, upgrades, hotel stays, vehicle rentals, and more.
Overall, the best value from the program is for more expensive flights. International flight and first-class or business-class can come at a terrific discount when you buy Aeroplan miles and then purchase the ticket with them.
Your rewards aren’t only good for the purchase of Air Canada flights. They can also be transferred to the miles systems of some of their partners to be redeemed for hotel stays and other rewards. When you buy Aeroplan miles, you can conveniently convert for use with brands like:
  • Hilton
  • Marriott
  • Best Western
  • Coast Hotels
  • IHG
  • Radisson
  • Wyndham
You can always travel and stay in style when you buy Aeroplan points to fund every part of your next vacation.
There aren’t just Air Canada travel and hotel rewards involved, though. Miles can be used to purchase gift cards and merchandise from many excellent partners. When you buy Aeroplan miles, you can put them towards your morning coffee by linking your Starbucks and Air Canada accounts.
You can buy Aeroplan points to top up your account when you need to buy a new vacuum, thanks to their partnership with Dyson. The same goes for the latest Panasonic headphones, KitchenAid appliances, and Titleist golf accessories.
Even if they don’t have what you’re looking for, Air Canada lets your purchase gift cards with your miles to these fine retailers:
  • Home Hardware
  • Old Navy
  • Indigo
  • Sport Chek
  • Best Buy
  • Sephora
  • And many more
If you’re near having the balance to redeem for these rewards but don’t quite have it, you can buy Air Canada points to get what you need sooner.

Why Should I Buy Air Canada Points?

The option to buy Aeroplan miles gives your greater control over how you earn and redeem miles. You gain rewards for every flight and for purchases with partnered credit cards. But sometimes, they build up too slowly. If you buy Aeroplan points, you can enjoy rewards sooner.
Imagine you want to take a flight but only have half the miles. Will you wait for a year to earn them or buy Air Canada miles today? When you buy Aeroplan miles, you dictate the terms on which you get your rewards.
This isn’t the only reason to buy Aeroplan points. Sometimes it will be cheaper to buy Aeroplan miles to purchase a ticket rather than purchase it directly. This is especially true for first-class and long-haul flights, where your best bet is almost always to buy Aeroplan points first.

Buy Air Canada Points Today to Avoid the Expiration Period

Aeroplan doesn’t have the same expiration structure as other airlines, but there are still cases where you need to buy Aeroplan miles to avoid losing out. After 18 months of no activity, you’ll lose your balance if you don’t earn or buy Aeroplan points.
As long as you keep your Air Canada account active, you won’t lose anything, but it isn’t always convenient to earn or spend your miles. So instead, you can buy Air Canada miles to keep your account active and avoid losing the balance you’ve built up over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Canada Rewards

Our team gets many questions about how to buy Aeroplan miles. To deliver the best service, we collected the most common and gave the answers here. If you have further questions about how to buy Aeroplan points, please reach out to us directly.

Can I Really Save Money When I Buy Air Canada Miles?

Yes, the program has excellent discounts on almost any purchase. From flights to hotels, it’s very common to save money when you buy Aeroplan miles. Not only are there discounts for purchases with points, but we also help you buy Aeroplan points at the best price, so you get double the savings.

Does Air Canada Allow Customers to Buy Aeroplan Miles?

Of course, customers are free to do with their miles as they please. It’s easy for anyone to gift, transfer, donate, receive, and buy Aeroplan points. We deliver the best prices around when it’s time to buy Air Canada miles, so you know you’re getting the best deal.

Are My Miles Going to Expire?

If you don’t act soon, they might. Air Canada lets user accounts expire after 18 months of no activity. This means you could be in a situation where you need to book a flight or waste miles to keep the rest. Don’t do that. Instead, you can buy Aeroplan miles to refresh your account and avoid losing miles you earned on your flights and purchases.

Can I Use My Rewards to Buy Tickets for Others?

Yes, you can use your accumulated rewards to buy tickets, hotel stays, merchandise, gift cards, or anything else for whoever you would like to. You don’t even have to be traveling with them. Your miles are yours to do with as you please. Air Canada even has an Aeroplan Family Sharing package to allow you and your family to pool miles for more rewards.

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